HP 250 G5 : REVIEW

Contrasted with a portion of the vivid and jazzy spending tablets around, the HP 250 G5 is a plain-looking tablet with no favor configuration highlights, and a style that decidedly needs to be disregarded.

It’s one of the least expensive laptops you’ll discover to utilize an Intel Core-arrangement processor, in a flash settling a large number of the most genuine everyday issues you’ll keep running into utilizing a shoddy PC. On the off chance that your laptop subsidize is constrained, you can’t contend with this deal machine.


The HP 250 G5 is really a scope of tablets with different distinctive determinations, and was already called the 250 G4. You can spare a bit on the off chance that you run for the model with 4GB as opposed to 8GB of RAM, and a customary hard drive instead of a SSD. It’s around £30 less expensive and has 1TB of capacity.

There are additionally higher-spec renditions including Core i7 processors in case you’re willing to spend amongst £390 and £460.

That kind of spec will give you Windows execution tantamount with a considerably more costly laptop. It might not have it all, but rather this laptop offers a lot of punch for your pound.


In case you’re supposing this laptop looks very recognizable, that is on account of it has been around for quite a while. HP has held a similar outline for two or three years: it isn’t out to excite – it’s a device, a workhorse.

Note that not at all like more established adaptations of this laptop , the 250 G5 does not have a DVD drive.

None of this issues one scribble in case you’re just after a fundamental portable PC with great execution for minimal expenditure.

Decked out in dark and extremely dull dim, many will believe it’s exhausting. In any case, there are some little stylish diamonds. There’s an emblazoned design on the cover and a surface on the console encompass.

Both look great when they get the light, yet their greatest advantage is in putting a tangible layer between your fingers and the fundamental plastic that makes up the HP 250 G5’s shell.

You’d presumably figure this was a less expensive laptop, however it doesn’t feel tremendously modest. No piece of the portable PC flexes significantly under finger weight and the pivot feels exceptionally strong.

Treat it unpleasant and the mechanical hard drive would most likely bomb before the shell turns out to be excessively harmed.

You won’t have any desire to take it out over and over again at any rate. This is not an enormously versatile laptop. It weighs 2.14kg and the 15.6in edge simply wouldn’t fit effectively into a great deal of sacks. In case you’re in the wake of a remark in a hurry, look at a 13.3-inch show portable PC or littler first.

This is the kind of laptop you can use as your fundamental machine, not slightest on the grounds that it has a decent spread of associations for a less expensive model. There are three USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0), a SD card opening, and Ethernet port and both VGA and HDMI video yields.

HP has unmistakably outlined this machine realizing that some of you will need to connect to a screen and keyboard/mouse.


An awful screen is something you are quite recently must acknowledge in the event that you need to spend well under £500. In any case, the 250 G5 has awesome internals for the cash, however, paying little respect to which exact model you pick.

With an Intel Core i3-5005U (double center, 2GHz) processor and 8GB of RAM, there are no creaky delays as Windows 10 approaches its day by day business. It’s reviving to see such a moderate portable PC whose general execution does not feel bargained, a honest to goodness spending machine that can deal with veritable multi-entrusting without turning into a task to utilize. Furthermore, as we said at the best, you can pay some additional and get a Core i5 form or even i7 that should see execution increment by a decent piece.

For the Core i3 adaptation we tried, its PCMark 8 score of 2171 is substantially nearer to that of a top of the line laptop than the around 1000 score you may see from a portion of the Celeron-based tablets that lounge around the £200-250 stamp.

For whatever length of time that you’re not expecting a powerhouse PC, you ought to be exceptionally glad. We can’t exaggerate the contrast between the execution of an Intel Core i3 with 8GB RAM and a Celeron with 2/4GB RAM.

The Core i3 here is a fifth gen processor instead of a more up to date sixth or seventh gen one. In any case, there are models of the 250 G5 that do have sixth gen Skylake chips, and we suggest chasing down those models in the event that you can deal with the additional cost. Additionally, a Skylake CPU would show signs of improvement gaming execution.

At most reduced settings, 720p determination, Alien: Isolation is practically playable, achieving a normal 18.6fps. Truly chop the settings down to their no frills and you can achieve 24.5fps (normal). Some should seriously think about that satisfactory, yet this isn’t intended to be a gaming laptop.

Our other standard gaming test, Thief, is a failure as well. At Low settings you’ll get 12.8fps, which is truly too low to ever be any good times. In the event that you just have a couple of hundred pounds and need to do some gaming, purchase a PS4 or Xbox One.

Despite the fact that it might be enticing to spare cash and run for a model with a 1TB hard drive, this is much slower at juggling odds and ends of information and makes Windows 10 detectably less responsive.


Run of the mill of the reasonable style, the keyboard and trackpad are not too bad. The console is a standard plan, additionally fitting a number cushion to the correct side of the typical keys.

Key travel is somewhat shallow and input on the delicate side, yet it’s still unmistakably characterized and non-supple. None of the G5’s keys have been profoundly shaved down or moved too senseless positions either.

Like the assemble, the console is not favor, but rather strong. Like different laptops at this value, there’s no backdrop illumination.
At first look the trackpad shows up significantly more strange. The cushion isn’t isolated from the console encompass. It’s a piece of it.

This is not the most delightful surface for a trackpad, and is one of only a handful couple of disillusionments of this portable PC. Something a bit smoother would give the machine a significantly less spending feel.

From an unadulterated down to earth viewpoint, the trackpad is fine, however. Its catches are isolated out, sitting underneath the cushion in a plastic bar. A decent little touch, the correct catch requires a considerably lighter press than the left one, a cognizant gesture to the reality will probably be squeezing it with a digit other than your forefinger.

HP 250 G5 : SCREEN

Run of the mill of a section level portable PC, G5 has a fundamental screen. It’s 15.6 creeps crosswise over and 1366 x768 pixel determination. This is the kind of screen that has been utilized as a part of laptops for well finished 10 years. It’s not sharp.

Its shading is obviously undersaturated, influencing the show to look somewhat pallid. Our colorimeter discloses to us it hits only 55.2 percent of the sRGB array, which is poor yet unsurprising given we’re taking a gander at a pocket-cash PC.

Flat survey points are tolerable, experiencing some loss of brilliance, yet it’s just the vertical edge that causes the balance move we connect with the TN LCD board utilized here.

In the event that you require more verification this isn’t a tablet to get on the off chance that you need to abstain from buying a TV, its local differentiation is only 200:1, which is truly grim.

In any case, when utilized as a part of a lit room, all you will see is that the hues are somewhat frail. The screen looks awesome when there’s a not too bad measure of surrounding light, letting the reflection-busting matt complete hotshot what it can do.

Most extreme splendor is truly great, and the way that the screen has a matt complete means you can utilize the laptop close-by a brilliant window or outside.


This tablet isn’t intended for astounding battery life. The battery unit can be evacuated, however, held set up with a clasp at the back of the underside. This is an extremely conventional outline.

Battery life is on the higher-end of what you may expect for from an extremely ordinary 15.6-inch tablets. It goes on for five hours when playing a 720p MP4 video, which is comparative stamina to what you’d get while composing reports and doing the odd piece of perusing.

It’s not throughout the day stamina, but rather is respectable for a full-measure machine.

HP 250 G5 : Specs

  • 15.6in (1366 x 768) 100dpi TN LCD matt
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • 2GHz Intel Core i3-5005U dual core
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 802.11ac 1×1
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2 USB 2.0 port
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • Ethernet port
  • HDMI + VGA video outputs
  • SDXC card slot
  • Stereo speakers
  • VGA webcam, single mic
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • UK tiled keyboard
  • 31Wh lithium-ion battery
  • 384 x 254 x 24 mm
  • 2.14 kg