ASUS ZenBook UX330UA $699 is one in every of the simplest laptop computer values you’ll get. It packs a speedy 256GB solid-state drive, a quick Core i5 processor and a pointy.

1080p screen into a 2.7-pound package. to urge a notebook with similar options at that size, you unremarkable ought to pay spill $900.

Luckily, Asus’s 13-inch laptop computer appearance sensible on over simply paper, because it provides over 10 hours of battery life, robust performance and wide viewing angles.

Design : ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

It incorporates a plain, however enticing chassis that is in line with Asus’s typical aesthetics. The silver aluminum lid incorporates a coaxial circle pattern, whereas the plastic deck and bottom have a bland, matte-gray end.

At 12.7 x 8.7 x 0.5 inches and 2.68 pounds, the UX330UA is one in every of the lightest and thinnest 13-inch laptops on the market. Dell XPS 13 (2.7 pounds, 0.6 inches thick) has similar dimensions, whereas the HP Spectre (2.45 pounds, 0.41 inches thick)  are a little svelter.

Display : ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

It 13.3-inch, 1080p non-touch screen offers bright, sharp pictures with spirited color. after I watched a full-HD trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol, 2, colors like the blue in Yondu’s skin.

Also the purple in some titles appeared deep and wealthy. Fine details like Rocket Raccoon’s whiskers, Yondu’s skin markings and Groot’s bark were sharp and well-defined.

The matte show conjointly had robust viewing angles; colors stayed align to seventy five degrees to the left or right.

It’s screen is pretty accurate; it registered a Delta-E error rate of one point one (lower is better), that handily beats the class average (2.2), the HP Spectre (6.8). Dell XPS 13’s Delta-E (1.3) is analogous.

Measuring System

According to our measuring system, UX330UA’s show will reproduce a powerful 106 p.c of the color gamut. that is a little over the ultraportable laptop computer class average (99 percent).

Also the Dell XPS 13 with a 1080p screen (94 percent). The HP Spectre offer similar color output (105 p.c and 106 p.c, respectively).

At 286 nits on our exposure meter, the UX330UA’s panel is additionally moderately bright, falling simply a little in need of the ultraportable class average (304 nits), the  Dell XPS 13 (302 nits) and also the HP Spectre (320 nits).

Keyboard and Touchpad

The ZenBook UX330UA’s keyboard offers an honest, however not nice, writing expertise. The keys are well placed and have an inexpensive (1.5) millimeters of vertical travel (1.5 to 2 millimeter is mainstream).

However their fifty grams of needed effort force means they do not supply quite the maximum amount resistance as we tend to like. With its Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD, the ZenBook UX330UA provides strong thought performance and multitasking.

Graphics : ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

The laptop’s integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 chip offers thought performance that is adequate for looking at videos and casual vice. However, as always, serious gamers or inventive professionals can need a system with a distinct GPU.

On 3DMark storm Unlimited, an artificial benchmark that measures graphics artistry, the ZenBook UX330UA scored an inexpensive 66,645.

That is well prior to the class average of  (53,590) and slightly higher than Dell XPS 13 (62,754). The HP Spectre with a Core i7 computer hardware was slightly higher (67,318).

ZenBook achieved a playable rate of thirty three frames per second within the Dirt three sport game at 1080p resolution and on medium settings. That is concerning on a par with the class average (35 fps) and HP Spectre (32 fps). The Dell XPS 13 (28 fps) was a bit behind.

Webcam : ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

The 720p digital camera captured decent-quality pictures of my face. underneath each the fluorescent lights of our workplace and also the daylight streaming through a window in my house, colors like the red in my shirt.

Also the inexperienced during a wall behind Maine were solely a bit bit off. Details, just like the hairs in my beard, were visible, though not considerably sharp. Overall, the camera was more than those we tend to discover on most laptops.

Battery Life

It can last all day on a charge so some. ASUS laptop computer lasted a full ten hours and seventeen minutes on the laptop computer magazine Battery take a look at, that involves continuous net-surfboarding over Wi-Fi.

That point is over two hours longer than the class average (8:07) and even higher than HP Spectre (6:06).However, Dell XPS 13 with a 1080p screen lasted even longer, duration in at thirteen hours and forty nine minutes.

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