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Action games for Android We offer you today a collection for this year, which was ranked in the forefront of the best and strongest action and strategic and wars.

Designed by designers and leading companies in producing the best we offer you today with direct links and free download.

The most powerful 5 action games for Android free and fast for all lovers, adventures and wars.

  • Gangstar Vegas Mafia.

  • Shadow Fight 2.

  • Marvel Spiderman.

  • Sniper Fury.

  • Marvel Champions.

Gangstar Vegas Mafia of 5 Action Games

Action games for Android Gangstar Vegas Android is an exciting of action games that will take the player in an interesting journey of excitement in many mafia criminals.

It consists of a set of levels that qualify a player in providing new levels and skills, the player can collect modern weapons and driving different kinds of cars and trucks.

Also enables the player to play individually or collectively with friends sharing via their Facebook page, you can download from direct link,

It falls under action games. Designed in the highest resolution of graphics and sound effects with Visual mode that gives more thrill and excitement.

Shadow Fight 2 of 5 Action Games

Action games for Android Shadow Fight 2 free gems is all sorts of different fighting with some of the best modern, sophisticated weapons. Fight Shadow enables.

The player to use all kinds of weapons and modern guns in fighting to defend himself and fight enemies and destroy them.

Shadow Fight allows you to use an array of weapons and self defense tools such as shields and warlike condoms as well as you can through it learn and practice martial arts group in each skill.

You need to focus on how to use animations and know the role of each button in the player, as well as guidance on how to make a set of successive movements and deny the enemy to defend himself.

Marvel Spiderman of 5 Action Games

Action games for Android Marvel Spider Man Unlimited the game got popular in all foreign countries, impressed by the young and old men, it was designed for all age groups.

They reaped many downloads and got more than 50 million people around the world and had the highest positive rating 5 stars by more than a million users.

Have been designed by the best software developer with awesome technology and an excellent graphic design characters , Contains more than 100 personal with all the fine details on draw profile.

Sniper Fury of 5 Action Games

Action games for Android Sniper Fury enthusiasts and adventure with fantastic functions also have modern developed weapons a player shoting in the goal.

It is in the biggest battle fierce warfare against evil and contains more than 100 task must finish, this game is divided into a number of levels.

Player completes a number of military tasks in each level to move to the next level, the Sniper Fury when a player moves from level one to level the player was difficult to play.

The player can collect points and money to buy more weapons, guns and artillery to fight the enemy. it is filled with wonderful features and attributes added to the 3D graphic.

Marvel Champions of 5 Action Games

Action games for Android Marvel Contest of Champions is a new level based on gathering all the heroes like Captain America vs, Iron Man Hulk vs, Wolverine, Spider-Man vs and Deadpool in the greatest battle to face each other

In a unique experience in the world of fighting and action, where the player’s preferred heroes fighting against a group of villains like Thanos.

The famous villain and fight to eliminate evil forces in the world that try to spread evil in the world and control it with confusion In this game.

The player can configure bigger stronger team warrior who has favorite which can also chosen all in one team and teach the team to face.

The most powerful villains in the world through coordination of plans and efforts to reduce and eliminate enemies gathered and beat them and win.