2016 IT Salary and Task Satisfaction Survey Results

Each of oura demonstrated earnings that are typically looking up in a segment beset by lurking frustrations that probably will not go away any time soon.

Salary Survey Results
2016 IT Salary and Task Satisfaction Survey Results

IT people in higher education sit at an unique juncture. They continue 1 day themselves to support and delivery of services which may have seemingly always been there — e-mail, websites, cordless. Yet, in addition they keep one hand firmly on new technologies that are permitting innovations in the training business. That’s a hard blend of duties to juggle — yet, from what we’ve seen, most undertake it well.

What’s that worth? In this year’s Campus Technology salary review, the average salary across all types of organizations each kind of THAT role imaginable was $77, 808. The greatest salary reported by a respondent was $224, 000, of a chief technology officer in California. The lowest was $22, 000, earned with a help desk staffer in Missouri. The typical (that number that comes exactly between the top salary and the most affordable one) was $71, 173.

With those sorts of extremes, pay is a sore spot. Yet , it appears that other aspects of the work help balance out the grief (as you’ll see shortly).

The those who choose to operate this industry come across as both dedicated and disgruntled. We heard from people all over the country who told all of us, “I enjoy working in IT in advanced schooling, inch as one systems supervisor in Michigan did, or “This is an thrilling moment for e-learning and for technology in higher education, ” as an THAT manager in Texas announced. We also been informed by less positive people, including the systems administrator in Washington who wailed, “Rising needs and costs, lower budget, ” and the technician in Florida who murmured, “Slow to change, slow to meet customer change requests, and slower to realize potential in new technologies. inches

Total, respondents paint a photo of an occupation that’s plague by frustration with top leadership and shrinking THIS budgets but softened by co-workers they enjoy, several hours they appreciate and benefits that can’t be whip.

Average salaries

The typical salary this 12 months for those working in IT organizations within general public institutions was $74, 390, within a few 100 dollars of last year’s average of $74, 021. The median was $69.

Average salaries400, somewhat higher than last year’s $66, 1000. For people at private not-for-profit schools, the typical salary was $83, 441, substantially higher than last year’s average of $75, 771. The median there was $75, 000.

At the top end of the salary range would be the C titles: chief information expert, chief technology officer and chief security officer. The standard among those roles at public universities and educational institutions was $113, 494, and the median salary was $110, 000. That’s significantly less than that which was attained at private not-for-profits by individuals with comparable game titles, where the average was a whopping $165, 657 and the median was an even higher $174, 000.

The average salary for folks holding director-level games in public institutions dropped from last year’s $105, 090 to this year’s $96, 400. At nonprofits this year’s average salary for IT directors hovered at $96, 000, within a tenth of a percent of last year’s $96, 098.

Grouped SalariesThe least expensive average salary earned by IT staff attended those involved in providing help desk or tech support. At public’s, the average salary for help table jobs was $57, 503, a boost from last year’s $49, 141. At charitable organizations it was $46, four hundred, a drop from previous year’s $52, 636.

Found in between the CIO and help desk are a multitude of other careers, with their own average salaries. Figure 3 stocks details for those game titles that had sufficient response for us to be confident in the amounts.